The Spanish delicacies have moved to Frederiksgade.

At tapas&Paella Casa de Antonio in Frederiksgade you get real Spanish food, as they are served at the tapas bars in Spain. Our ambition is to get more people to eat at affordable prices.

The Spanish delights that they serve at tapas and paella are made by Spanish chef just arrived in Denmark. And you can feel that well. The taste and appearance of the restaurant in Frederiksgade is unified. On the table at the bar there are two exclusive pigs flanks – the attractive jamon serrano or serrano ham, as we know in English.

The waiters are in beautiful, Spanish dresses, and supplemented by a really cozy atmosphere, here Spanish phrases blend beautifully from the kitchen. It is a bit like coming to mini-Spain when putting the teeth in a queso de cabra con cebolla caramelizada (flamed goat cheese with caramelized onions).

Spanish Antonio opened the restaurant on Frederiksgade on 2th of January. In continuation of Braserrie Belli and The Green Corner. They can all be different and complement each other well.

Tapas & Paella's main attraction is tapas. The chef chooses 15-16 different tapas every day, which smokes on today's menu. From here, guests can choose freely and thus receive freshly made tapas when ordering. You can also get paella and larger dishes with meat (or vegetarian paella) Everything with a Spanish twist, which means that if you order a beef steak, it stands on a spear instead of lying on a plate.

We are close to the music house and Aarhus theater. If you want to hear / see music in the music house or watch a theater piece in Aarhus theater, then start the evening with us with delicious tapas and a good Spanish wine.


Everyone should be able to go out to eat

Antonio Fog, as the name suggests, is Spanish of birth, but he has lived in Denmark several times with his Danish wife. Among other things, in Aalborg, where Antonio Fog read economics and management. Now they are after a long period in Spain again in the country.

"In Spain you go out and eat because you are hungry, not because there is a reason," explains Antonio Fug, who has experience in the restaurant industry from his home country, where he also runs a restaurant.

He would like to inspire the Aarhusians to come out more like the Spaniards, who are often out several times a week.

"It does not cost DKK 700 when you go out and eat. Here you get 5-6 different dishes for small money," says Antonio Fog.

This is precisely the reason why the city's deliciously hungry, according to Antonio Fog, must visit the restaurant. It is an experience that is payable.

"Everyone should be able to go out to eat," is the mindset.

Not just a restaurant

The many thousands of students in the city can be tempted by student discounts and alcohol, which is a little loose on their hands.

As in Spain, there is no measuring cup in the bar, so if you order a mojito, it is on hand targets and according to taste, the room is poured in. And even though the kitchen closes at. 21 every day, guests are more than welcome to come later. In fact, Antonio Fog would rather have the restaurant become a place to stay after dining for a Spanish drink or two.

Once the restaurant has started well, Antonio Fog will organize a cozy tapas event weekly. The idea is that the chefs cook for two hours and serve all kinds of tapas that visitors can eat freely at a fixed price. All you can eat in Spain.

TEL +45 86 188 188

Frederiksgade 52, 8000 Aarhus C

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